Best Day Trips from Porto & Best Things to Do in Porto

Want to discover Porto and beyond? Find out the best day trips from Porto and the best things to do in Porto, the ideal starting point to explore northern Portugal and Galicia in Spain.

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You will find on this page our free map with the best one day itineraty to help you cover the best things to do in Porto.

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Best Day Trips from Porto

With many recent tourism prizes, including the Europe's Leading City Destination 2022, Porto is in itself an unavoidable destination. Whether it's tasting port wine, exploring iconic towns, immersing in nature, enjoying hot springs, or visiting historic monuments, this vibrant city provides the perfect starting point for unforgettable road journeys.

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Galicia is by far the most popular destination region for travellers embarking on Porto tours. That is quite easy to understand! From picturesque mountain villages to charming coastal towns, from magnificent natural landscapes to superb hot spring pools, Galicia offers a variety of experiences that will surely captivate you. For more detailed information, check out the official website: Turismo de Galicia. See below our selection of the best day trips from Porto to explore Galicia.

BEST DAY TRIPS FROM PORTO to discover the NORTH of Portugal

The north of Portugal is a captivating region with plentiful of tour choices. From the charming landscapes of the Douro Valley to the vibrant Porto downtown, from the mountainous Peneda-Gêres National Park to the historical treasures of Guimares and Valença, there are plenty of things to do that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. For more detailed information, check out the official website: Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal. See below our selection of the best day trips from Porto to discover the north of Portugal.

BEST DAY TRIPS FROM PORTO to visit the CENTRE of Portugal

The centre of Portugal is a region with outstanding tourist attractions for your day trip. From the picturesque canals of Aveiro to the colourful streets of Agueda, from the historical charm of Viseu to the breathtaking landscapes of Guarda, from the architectural marvels of Batalha to the mystical vibe of Fátima, this region has abundant sightseeing wonders awaiting you. For more detailed information, check out the official website: Turismo Centro Portugal. See below our selection of the best day trips from Porto to discover the centre of Portugal.


We have listed and organized the top sightseeing places in and around the historic centre of Porto in a sequenced way that you can follow along to discover the city in a one-day walking tour.

Being honest with you, it is a difficult challenge getting to visit all the most remarkable sightseeing places the city of Porto has to offer in just one day. This becomes even more difficult without a well-planned list of the best places to visit, laid out in a logical order that considers their geographical locations. It's always a pain to realize that you've missed out on a cool place, especially when you were so close to it earlier in day but simply didn't realize it was there.

Thinking about that, we’ve created a simple sightseeing route including the best things to do in Porto so you can simply walk from one sightseeing place to the other.

Don’t you worry about too long walks! Weve managed to keep the walking distances short, and you wont have to walk more than 15 minutes from one place to the next. In average, most places lie just 5 minutes away from each other!

Click here to check out our sightseeing route with the 27 BEST THINGS TO DO in Porto

What will you need to do to conquer the challenge and complete the one-day walking tour of Porto?

  1. Wake up early. Since many attractions close before 20h00, we advise you to start your one day tour of Porto early, arriving by 8h00 at the first sightseeing place in our list.
  2. When stopping to eat, make sure to ask something that is already prepared and ready to be served. Many traditional dishes have complex recipe and take a long time to be cooked.
  3. Focus on your walking and on your sightseeing list. We recommend you to buy your souvenirs after your one-day tour of Porto is completed. Plenty of souvenir shops will stay open late in the evening.

Free map: BEST of Porto in a Day

Step-by-step Itinerary (+ Map, Timetable & Tips)

Click on the images below to open a full screen view of our free pre-planned step-by-step itinerary for exploring the best things to do in Porto in just one day. If you want to print our free itinerary, click on this link to download the printable version of the map.

Porto: the ideal starting point for your tours

The city of Porto is located in a strategic place that offers many advantages for travellers who want to take tours and explore the north and centre of Portugal, as well as Galicia in Spain.

See below why the city of Porto is an exceptional gateway to a multitude of exciting destinations.

Porto: one city, multiple motorways. Going north, the A3 leads to Braga, Valença, and Tu, Spain. Going south, the A1 goes to Aveiro, Coimbra, and Lisbon. The A28 leads to Viana do Castelo and Caminha, in a route with plenty of popular beaches. The motorway A4 goes to Vila Real, Bragana, and Zamora, Spain.

Porto Airport: a gateway to discover Europe. In addition to serving as a base for TAP Air Portugal, this airport functions as a hub for the leading low-cost airlines, EasyJet and Ryanair. As a result, there is an abundance of low-cost connections to major European destinations.

Porto: a must-do destination for food enthusiasts! Taste the delicious traditional dishes, including Francesinha, pork burger, codfish with cream, and lamprey rice. Indulge in the delightful flavors of Portuguese pastries such as custard tart, regueifa, sponge cake, and kings cake.

Just a short drive from the city lies the enchanting Douro Valley, famous for its terraced vineyards and breathtaking landscapes. This region offers wine enthusiasts a chance to taste exquisite wines while enjoying the stunning views along the Douro River.

Going northwards about 40 minutes, we find several cities with rich history and magnificent medieval architecture, such as the Braga Cathedral, the Guimarães Castle, the Barcelos Tower, and the Roman Bridge in Ponte de Lima.

Pretty much any direction you take from Porto, there are superb natural parks for trekking and enjoying nature, such as the Peneda-Gêres National Park, the Litoral Norte Nature Park, the Arouca Geopark, and the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.